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The bring-back is a service we started with the small-sized agency in mind. Let’s face it, sometimes a sales person doesn’t always have a steady stream of hot leads, due to budget limitations or exhausting the leads in their queue. As we all know, phone time has a direct correlation with revenue, so keeping yourself people busy and having sales-related conversations, is crucial.

Inbound and Outbound call centers find affordable and effective leads with Our Database. We provide call centers with a direct connection to quality call center customers in the industries that best suite their needs. We work closely with each call center to determine your best fit for a client based on the # of monthly calls needed, the type of call, and the period of the engagement.

For every business generating leads, converting those leads into sales is a top priority. In the newly released Salesforce report, lead quality is the number two ranked challenge for marketers . To maximize your ability to find quality call center leads, callcenterleads.co.za is your go to partner.

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When you turn to us for your call center leads, you’re guaranteed to get current telephone data with no duplicate numbers and the fewest possible disconnects
In fact, our disconnect rates are the lowest in the industry
We are also highly specialized in procuring additional unique phone numbers for large telemarketing companies that have exhausted most other national phone number databases.