We Are POPI Compliant

Compliance & Processes

Just some more info on our consumer data sets:

  • Our leads are POPI compliant ( we supply data to other insurance companies as well) so we quite familiar with fais and compliance.
  • We also send our data for cleaning, which is basically miss match in data which other companies does not do.

So we follow a process  when a client places an order, and it takes anywhere between 2 – 24 hours to have a data file ready for use, depending on quantity.

A little more on data cleaning, is that when we send a file let say for example 10 000 leads for cleaning, we will probably  get back like 8000, now the 8000 that we get back is 100% correct all details match and ready, but that does not stop there, once we receive the file from cleaning, we will do a random test on the data set like call about 20 – 50 clients to make sure everything is in order.

Soon as it reaches your inbox the data is 100 % compliant and correct.