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We don’t want to be just another lead company. We want to be your hands-down favorite lead company.

Call Center Leads is your partner, and we’re here to help you spend less time prospecting and more time closing deals.

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Since 2010, We’ve been providing professional  leads to clients from South Africa and beyond. 

From strategic planning to innovative solutions, our  focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship. We’ll work with you to create a customized plan of action for yourself or your organization. 

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Where you market to consumers.



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Where you market to businesses.



We specialize in local



With a click of a button, you would be able to reach literally thousands of potential clients abroad

We not only supply Call Centres& individual sales reps but all other businesses who requires potential growth of their company.

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Call Centre's

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We create long lasting business relationships

Call Center Leads
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The Path to Success

Our clients are our number one priority, and our services prove just how committed we are to their success. Book an introductory meeting today to learn more about how I can make your business thrive.

Call Center Leads with Updated, Qualified Data for Businesses

Throughout the Nation

For call center leads from a company with a reputation for exceptional service and quality data, turn to the proven professionals at

We have spent decades cultivating partnerships with the best data compilation companies in the nation and we have access to the most extensive databases available.

So you’re sure to get telemarketing lead lists that have the most potential for future sales.

Up To Date Knowledge

We will make sure you receive  leads that have been filtered according to your criteria so that you only reach out to households and businesses that most closely resemble your target audience, no matter where they are.

Through our participation in the present day.

We are in the distinctive position of understanding current business trends &

Having the hands on experience to help customers grow and achieve effective solutions

When you choose our data file, you get quality, affordability and top-notch customer leads. Our years serving the call center industry, give us the experience it takes to provide our customers with the very best in plans and help. Nowhere else will you find lead sources that can provide the kind of volume, high quality as call center leads.

Quick F.A.Q

Look no further than Call Center Leads. We provide high-quality, professional leads to clients across South Africa and beyond.

The cost of leads can vary depending on the type and quality. At Call Center Leads, we offer competitive pricing for our top-notch leads.

Finding buying leads is made easy with Call Center Leads. Our expert team can help you identify potential growth opportunities for your business.

You can get a comprehensive list of leads from Call Center Leads. We offer various types of data sets to cater to your specific needs.

The best place to buy leads is undoubtedly Call Center Leads. We have a decade of experience in providing professional leads to our clients.

While buying leads can sometimes lead to less qualified prospects, at Call Center Leads, we ensure the quality of our leads to maximize your conversion rates.

Absolutely, especially when you choose Call Center Leads. Our leads can help you spend less time prospecting and more time closing deals.

The number of calls can vary. However, with the high-quality leads from Call Center Leads, you’re likely to close deals faster.

Marketing involves promoting your products or services, while leads are potential customers . Call Center Leads can provide you with the leads to target your marketing efforts effectively.

Remember, Call Center Leads is here to help you grow your business. Feel free to reach out to us for any further queries. 😊

Get One Step Ahead Of Your Competition

Assisting businesses rapidly grow their clientele

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We've been in the industry for over 10 years...

Use our leads & get ahead of your competition...

Core benefits:

Our quality leads are generated for appointment setting, following up direct mail and marketing campaigns and reactivating existing or dormant clients allow you to focus on the present.Which you can strive to:

  • Maximise your business’s Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Our high quality leads with corporate decision makers using existing or targeted databases
  • Convert leads into sales, including up-selling and cross-selling
  • Follow up mail shots, new product launches and targeted marketing campaigns
  • Grow your client base and brand awareness • Identify and deliver new markets for your products or services
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Tailor Made Solutions:

Without exception every company needs to generate new business

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Increase Sales

Just like most business owners, sales managers or team leaders you will instinctively know your biggest opportunity is to increase your sales.

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Whether you need a customized data set of direct emails and/or phone numbers or sms that match your specified target market and budget, or simply need to plan your sales strategy, prepare for calls, and enhance product positioning with the current industry, we can help.

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With quality data enhancing your business you will be able uncover opportunities, find new leads, and cross-sell opportunities with current customers

Aspire to inspire before we expire

Our services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. We work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results. Contact us to find out how we can help today

The bring-back is a service we started with the small-sized agency in mind. Let’s face it, sometimes a sales person doesn’t always have a steady stream of hot leads, due to budget limitations or exhausting the leads in their queue. As we all know, phone time has a direct correlation with revenue, so keeping yourself people busy and having sales-related conversations, is crucial.

Inbound and Outbound call centers find affordable and effective leads with Our Database. We provide call centers with a direct connection to quality call center customers in the industries that best suite their needs. We work closely with each call center to determine your best fit for a client based on the # of monthly calls needed, the type of call, and the period of the engagement.

For every business generating leads, converting those leads into sales is a top priority. In the newly released Salesforce report, lead quality is the number two ranked challenge for marketers . To maximize your ability to find quality call center leads, is your go to partner.

Try Us Out...

To speak with a professional list consultant from Call Center Leads about the many benefits of investing in call center leads for your telemarketing business, please contact us today.

When you turn to us for your call center leads, you’re guaranteed to get current telephone data with no duplicate numbers and the fewest possible disconnects
In fact, our disconnect rates are the lowest in the industry
We are also highly specialized in procuring additional unique phone numbers for large telemarketing companies that have exhausted most other national phone number databases.
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Rapidly Increase Your Clientele

Qualified and Targeted leads

Our leads are fair priced depending on campaigns and requirements

The success of any campaign can be measured by results, and you need high quality leads that we deliver.

Industry knowledge, management expertise and by using skilled and professional telemarketers across every client campaign we work on.

All we need to know about your products and services and we will be able to promote and deliver the agreed dataset.

Our leads will help you achieve these results.

We will then know exactly what you aim to achieve and together with ongoing and open dialogue we will help maximise both your Return on Investment and the potential of your business.

Unleash the Power of Your Call Center: CCL Blog

Tired of the same old call center tactics? Ready to transform your operations into a lead generation powerhouse, customer engagement haven, and growth engine? Then buckle up, because the CCL Blog is here to guide you!

Discover cutting-edge strategies, actionable insights, and expert advice on:

  • Boosting lead generation through targeted campaigns and data-driven approaches.
  • Building stronger customer relationships with personalized engagement and omnichannel support.
  • Optimizing your call center operations for efficiency, compliance, and scalability.
  • Leveraging technology to empower your agents and enhance customer experiences.

No matter your call center goals, we have the resources to help you achieve them. Dive into our blog and discover:

  • In-depth blog posts by industry experts.
  • Real-world case studies showcasing successful strategies.

Ready to unlock the true potential of your call center? Start exploring the CCL Blog today!

Results & Goals

Call Center Leads , Contact Center automates lead and campaign management. Create an automated sales and marketing funnel that achieves your outbound goals.
Deploying integrated On-Demand call center solution with lead management solutions delivers improved results for lead generation.

 Double the number of leads your call center generates and turn them into customers without significant capital investment or a lengthy implementation cycle.